New Tail Jar!

So a short while back, I saw it mentioned that people like to hold onto the yarn tails they cut off of their projects for use in other things, such as stuffing for Amigurumi. I like the idea so much that i began saving all of my own yarn tails and shoving them into a tiny jar that my grandma once used to store buttons.


As you can see, that one filled up quickly and became very squished. I didn’t really like the look of it and I wanted room to store more, and be able to take the tails I’d cut off and stored else wear, like my the bottom of my project bag, and put them somewhere more… contained. So I went out and got the larger mason jar!

Truth be told I would have liked to have an even bigger jar. This one is a 24 oz and I was hoping for a nice large one with a big mouth so I could easily stick my hand in and grab some tails if I needed. But for now, this one will do.